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A murder of crows sits atop the smouldering block of concrete. Is it sewage tank? Is it a marker? No one around the gawking birds seems to care too much. I spill a drop of water on the surface only to see it instantly evaporated into thin air. I could hear a buzz; it might just have sizzled.

The Women of Kumaon : Of Soil & Smiles

A balance seems to lack in the metropolitan culture in contrast. No matter how deep you look, souls are never visible from behind the veils of social reactions. Where would Maslow identify us in the pyramid of hierarchy?

Fire & Might : Darmar, Uttarakhand

When Geeta didi, Gram Pradhan; Darmar, heard my question about why she thought no one came to their aid, she just laughed. She laughed and exclaimed, ‘Hum hi mahila toh karti hain. Aur kaun!’


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The untethered soul by Michael a. Singer

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