“The Paratactical Nature of Time: Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by Ria Gupta

Find this literary review by me at https://www.literaryimpulse.com/post/the-paratactical-nature-of-time-chronicle-of-a-death-foretold-by-ria-gupta

Beyond the Generic Perspective: The Palace Of Illusions

Can a woman ever win? What tips the balance between a man’s and a woman’s mistakes? What is the difference between being flawed and unreasonable?
Read on to know how Divakaruni instigates these questions in her bestselling novel.

The Dynamic Folds of Lihaaf

Narrated by Chughtai from a child’s perspective, the story is purely suggestive yet deeply meaningful. The candid testimony is sparked by her trademark witty descriptions, lending the story an essence of acknowledgement curtained by innocent language.
Through the incidents that take place in Begum Jaan’s house, Chughtai breathes life into the much known but far less understood concepts of sexuality and lesbianism.

Of Those Who Write, and Writers

It is said that no two people ever read the same book; this beautiful variety of thought is exactly what gives new dimensions to old anecdotes. Thus, it becomes integral in today’s world to promote an aesthetic mindset, a certain openness to uninhibited expression.

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