Bringing Words to Life : On Greta Gerwig’s Little Women

As an avid reader, I have always been biased to books over movies. Still every now and then, an adaptation stands out apart from its source text, if not for the same degree of impact then for the novelty. Right from the start of the film, the audience can sense a certain freedom in a way that is relatable to the modern era. I for one attributed it to how the viewer is made to follow Jo around the city from a dismal room to a New York bar and dashing across streets in her radical independence. This change in setting provides the perfect opportunity for the filmmaker to break away from the traditional demarcation of a conservative society like a breath of fresh air.

Book Review : My Sister’s Keeper

Once you set on Picoult’s journey of introspection, it’s hard to stop. My Sister’s Keeper, a powerful page turner, is one of many such journeys by this award-winning American author. Through an emphatic expression of her characters, Jodi Picoult sets the mood for a deep self reflection that you’re slowly drawn into through a smoothContinue reading “Book Review : My Sister’s Keeper”

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